Vehicle sales

At 2B Cars GmbH, we offer you a comprehensive range of services relating to vehicle sales. We support you with leasing and credit financing to offer you flexible payment options. Our competent staff will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and enable you to take a test drive.

We are also happy to trade in your old vehicle if you decide to buy a new one. We offer both new and used vehicles, including EU imports and one-day registrations. Our expertise extends to all areas related to car sales.

We look forward to helping you with all your questions and concerns and offering you the best possible service. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our services!

Pickup rental

As 2B Cars, we not only offer pickups for hire, but also for a variety of purposes such as video shoots, off-road experiences, unique wedding vehicles or camping adventures.

Our flexible vehicle options allow our customers to fulfill their individual needs and create unforgettable experiences.


At 2B Cars you will find a wide range of accessories for your off-road vehicle. From off-road and hunting equipment to recovery and camping accessories – we have everything you need.

It is important to us that you maximize your off-road capabilities, prepare for the hunt, master difficult situations and enjoy comfortable camping.

In addition, we also offer body lifts and suspension lifts to optimally adapt your vehicle. With us, you get everything you need from a single source to take your off-road vehicle to the next level.


With many years of experience and cooperation with the TÜV, we offer a comprehensive service from the idea to realization. Everything from a single source, friendly and professional.

Our areas of specialization include the following typifications:

  • Increasing the payload to 3.5t total: For various applications where pickups are not sufficient due to their low payload, e.g. for living cabins, we offer technical modifications and homologations to upgrade the vehicles to a total weight of 3.5t.
  • Adjusting the trailer load: Some vehicles require a higher tractive force for trailer hitches. We offer retyping for various vehicles such as Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Raptor, VW Crafters etc.

We look forward to helping you with other typing requirements as well.

Offroad events

At 2B Cars, we organize off-road events to help vehicle owners like you get better control of their vehicle on different types of terrain and learn new skills.

We have already visited the Stotzing off-road site twice and would like to offer you the opportunity to benefit from our experience.

Our events are designed to help you understand your vehicle better and develop new skills. It is important to us that you are confident and safe off-road.